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Smart Reader Clients

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Smart Reader Clients


The purpose of this function is to allow you to view all installed Smart Reader Clients, assign/remove SRC instances and inquire as to their operational status.

Create New

Enables creating a new SRC profile. Note that this profile is automatically created when the SRC is installed on the client (e.g. reader itself or managing NUC).



Enables searching for SRC profiles


Action Links

These hyperlinks perform the following functions


Enables change mode of the Heartbeat


Enables view mode of the Heartbeat


Deletes the Heartbeat

Last Sync Time

The last time the SRC Agent reported to the server. Also indicates whether the SRC is disabled.  1 min interval. push all settings, if diff rerun. Service stops, no ping. red based is based on heartbeat threshold


Physical Reader

This is the Smart Reader Core Instance Name


Last Heartbeat

The last SRC Reader activity date reported to the server. See this section on Activity date is updated.








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