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Smart Reader Client - Details

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Smart Reader Client Details


The purpose of this function is to allow you to view the complete SRC profile and its corresponding activity. There are (3) sections as detailed below:


The SRC Host Description


Host Name

The SRC Host Name


Heartbeat Threshold

The time in minutes when the heartbeat threshold has been exceeded


Email Alert Group

The associated Email Alert Group


Created Date

The date the SRC Host was created


Updated Date

The date the SRC Host was last updated


Last Sync Time

The last time the SRC Agent reported in to the server. Also indicates whether the SRC is disabled.


SRC Instance Name

The SRC Core Instance Name


Location ID

The Reader Location ID


Reader ID

The Physical Reader ID


Last Read Event

The last time the SRC instance reported a tag read event


Last Heartbeat

The last SRC Reader activity date reported to the server. See this section on Activity date is updated


Smart Reader Errors

This list shows all SRC errors and their current disposition











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