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Outbound Authorization Settings

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Outbound Authorization Settings

This function is used to configure parameters for obtaining an authorization token from an external service prior to sending out a transaction payload. This functionality can also be disabled here if there is no need to obtain an authorization token for outbound transactions.


The Server name or IP address



The Endpoint URL



The Company name issuing the Token



The User ID associated with the token request



The password associated with the token request


Request Xsl

The outgoing Xsl Stylesheet definition


Response Xsl

The incoming Xsl Stylesheet definition


Content Type

The outgoing content type


Select Request Token

The Content Type is 'application/json' this value will be used to select a sub-token in the JSON document as the data payload


Selected Response Token

If the Content Type is 'application/json' this value will be used as the root node when converting a JSON response to XML



Select whether Authorization profile is enabled or disabled



Save Button commits changes to the Settings



The authorization endpoint can be tested after settings have been saved using the Test button. The Token request response is shown in the dialogue box below


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