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Edit Queue Transaction

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Edit Outbound Queue Transaction

This function enables changing/updating values specific to a Transaction:

Tag ID

The TagID associated with the transaction


Item ID

The Item mapped to the Tag ID



The tag quantity associated with the transaction



The Transaction type as defined in TagNet


Source Levels

Source Levels of where Tag as moved from in transaction


Target Levels

Target Levels of where Tag as moved to in transaction


Transaction Time

The time of the base TagNet Transaction


Bin ID

The Bin or Container ID mapped to the Tag


Employee ID

The Employee associated with transaction (if populated)..


Lot Number

The Tag Lot Number (if populated)


Lot Status

The Tag Inventory Lot Status (if populated)



The Transaction reference


Reason Code

The reason code associated with the Rule


Rule Name

The Rule Name that transaction made a match on


Processed Time

The time the transaction was sent out


Result Status

The current status of the outbound transaction (can be changed)


The Transaction was just created and awaiting to be processed. Note that there is an intended delay to allow for adding attributes after the native transaction is created but before the outbound queue is processed. Click here for more info on that workflow.

(Status ='0')


The Transaction is currently being processed. (Status ='1')


The Transaction was successfully processed and sent to the endpoint with no errors returned in the response. (Status ='2')


The Transaction attributes did not make a match on the outbound rules. (Status ='3')


A matching Rule was found but the Rule was disabled. (Status ='4')


The Transaction was processed however the endpoint returned an error. (Status ='5')



Result Message

The Result message as send back by the endpoint



Save Button commits changes to the Rule


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