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Binding (Add)

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Add a new Tag Event Binding

The purpose of this function is to allow you to create a new Tag Event Binding association with the selected Reader location.

Reader Location Parent

Attributes of the Parent Reader Location


Event Binding ID

A dropdown of previously defined Event Bindings. A value must be selected.


Event Filter ID

A dropdown of previously defined Filter Definitions. This is an optional selection. If a Filter ID is not selected then individual Boolean conditions can be entered one at a time as shown below


Filter Keyword

The Object data element that will be the basis for comparison



Basic Boolean Operators (*EQ, *NE, *GT, *GE, *LT, *LE, *START, *LIKE).


Filter Value

The comparison value associated with the Boolean condition



Creates Subscription Binding definition


Returns to the main Subscription Binding list, no updates are saved



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