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Tag Event Bindings


The purpose of this function is to allow you to associate one or many Event Bindings to a given Reader schedule as shown below. Refer to Event Bindings maintenance function on how to setup reusable Event Binding definitions. There can multiple Bindings for a given logical reader schedule, in other words they can be multiple subscribing systems interested in Tag Event data from a given Reader location (schedule). 

The event bindings are executed in alphabetical order. When using dwell time, all event bindings must have the same value. Only the last event binding updates the tag date and time. A flag is sent to prior event bindings not to set the tag date and time. This is done so that a tag is visible through each event binding until the last Binding is executed.


Reader Location

Attributes of the Parent Reader Location


Create a new Binding Association

Click this button to create a new a new Binding association


Return back to List

Click this button to return back to Subscription List


Binding Details

The Event Binding details as defined


Action Links

These hyperlinks perform the following functions for each Schedule Binding in the list



Enables change mode of the Binding association


Copies the selected Binding association to an new one to save setup time


Deletes the given Binding association


Enables view only of the selected Binding association


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