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Tag Acivity drilldown

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Tag Event Activity (Schedule Drilldown)


The purpose of this function is to allow you to view the Tag Event activity for a given schedule duration (period of time). This page lists all the tag events for that duration and their object mapping associations. Note: this logging is unconditional and does not require any Event Binding, Once a reader schedule is setup it will always output physical reader logging subject to Net Change considerations.


Location ID

The Reader Location and Description


Log Date & Time

The date & time the activity log was initiated



The duration of the schedule. Even though a reader schedule may be running 24/7 this duration 'partitions' tag event activity for ease of reporting as well as a trigger to execute asynchronous bindings.


End Date & Time

The date & time the activity log is/was scheduled to end


Tag Reader ID

Enables filtering of logging events by a given physical reader (if multiple associated with the Logical Reader location. Clicking [Search] will filter the list, clicking [Reset] will clear the filter refresh the page to show the most recent data.


Tag Reader ID

The physical reader that logged the tag event read.


Event Cycle

The sequence number that represents the Tag Event Cycle. e.g. if reader was triggered (by a sensor) for 30 seconds all tags reads within that event cycle will have the same event cycle number. Note: Each time a read event is initiated, either by a trigger or a constant ‘on’ reader setup, this number is incremented by 1, whether a tag was read or not. This is the reason for gaps in the Event Cycle number.


Sequence No.

The sequence number that represents the actual occurrence of a Tag being read within a given read event cycle. e.g. if 16 unique tags were read, then there will be 16 entries in the activity log sequentially numbered for the given parent ‘event cycle’ sequence.



This column displays a number of attributes. First is the actual Tag Identifier  There are three different display scenarios based on the tag ID read:

TagID that is identified as a valid EPC of type SGTIN (header value = 48). If so displays binary decoding of that EPC right below it. Also displays the GTIN number as well as its attributes if found in the TagNet Product Master

TagID that is not a valid EPC of type SGTIN. If so and the Tag is Mapped to an object ID (such as a TagNet Product, Asset, or Person), then those details will be displayed as well

If the TagID does not meet condition 1) or 2) above, then only the tag ID will be displayed


Date & Time

The exact time when the Tag read was logged.



Returns to the Main Activity Log page


Tag Event Row

An occurrence of Tag Read event, if the tag is mapped within TagNet it will show the appropriate Object details. Clicking on the Object ID link or the image (if present) will drill down to the object details within TagNet. This enables TagNet to be used in both a closed-loop environment (no EPC) as well as Trading Partner compliance (EPC adoption).







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