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View an Asset Profile

This function enables viewing a selected asset.


Asset ID

The unique Asset number assigned by the end user.


Base Item

The base item that this asset is linked to (see Product Master)


Part ID

The Manufacturers Part # as defined the in the Product Master


Item Name

The short description as defined n the Product Master



The long description as defined n the Product Master


Serial Number

The manufacturer assigned serial # to the asset where applicable.


Date Purchased

The Purchase (or acquisition) date of the Asset



The estimated value of the asset.


Checkout Duration

In Check-out scenarios, this is the allowable time (in days) the asset can be checked-out. This helps facilitate exception reporting to determine items that are past due.


Tag ID

The current TagID assigned to that asset. Note: this value is maintained automatically by the AssetTrack Mapping feature and should not be changed manually except by an administrator under very special circumstances.



The current location of the Tagged Asset



5 lines (60 char each) of user defined comments



The current status of the record (Active or Inactive).



The product image as defined in the Product Master


UDA Block

Any Asset Level UDA's will be displayed here.  Refer to User Defined Attribute Maintenance for setup.


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