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Job Schedules

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Job Schedules


The purpose of this function is to allow you to define scheduled jobs (aka 'Services') that process data, monitor for alert conditions, etc. as described further below.


This is the Job that has been selected as below. In this example the Process Heartbeats job is being configured.

Job Type

The Job Type (e.g. Continuous or AdHoc). Continuous means job will run constantly when enabled, AdHoc means job will run one time.


Create New

This hyperlink enables creating a new Job schedule



Checkbox indicates job is enabled

Run Limit (seconds)

The dwell time before the job wakes up again and performs is duties (e.g. 2 min in between heartbeats)


Job Running

Checkbox indicates job is running

Action Links

These hyperlinks perform the following functions:



Enables change mode of the Job schedule


Enables inquiry mode only of the Job schedule


Enables delete mode of the Job schedule



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