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Edit Job Schedule

This edit action enables changing/updating values specific to a job schedule as described below:


This is the Job that has been currently selected for this scheduled . In this example the Process Heartbeats job is being configured.


Job Type

The Job Type (e.g. Continuous or AdHoc).  Continuous is used for a production implementation. The 'AdHoc' feature is meant for controlled testing whereas a one time invocation of the schedule can be triggered by submitting this URL http://localhost/ef/api/trigger-jobs as a POST. This can be done via POSTMAN or other API utility (but not via a browser).


Run Limit

The dwell time before the job wakes up again and performs is duties (e.g. 2 min in between heartbeat ehecks)



Checkbox indicates Job is enabled


Job Running

Indicates job is actually running when checked



Clicking this button will save the Job Schedule




Postman example calling AdHoc Trigger endpoint


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