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Create Job Schedule

This action enables creating a job schedule that performs a specific service as described below:


his is the Job that has been selected as below. In this example the Process Heartbeats job is being configured.


ImageCaptureCleanup - Deletes IP Camera images older than a given time period

ImoveQueue - Custom job that processes a queue populated (via Trigger) from Asset Master changes to the assigned department UDA. The job attempts to update Location Inventory table (RFDLOCIN) Dept value (Level3) and attempts an inventory move transaction from the current Primary.Facility.Dept.Room.Location. location to the same using the new dept location.  See IMOVE Queue function for information.

ImoveQueue - details forthcoming

DataCleanup - Purges data in key transaction files with details forthcoming

DataRestore - Details forthcoming

ProcessSrcEvents - Processes inbound SRC read events to determine boundaries of logical read event cycles. See SRC Read Event Settings for configuration setup.

ProcessSrcHeartbeats - Monitors SRC instances in the field to ensure they are up and running. Additionally, the SRC Heartbeat settings need to be configured for heartbeat intervals and email alert groups

ProcessTransactionExtract - Extracts Inventory Transaction History and sends via REST API at given intervals. See Transaction Extract Settings for configuration details. Additionally this job can be called one time by calling the trigger endpoint below

ProcessHoldStates - Executes custom Hold State logic. Enable in Imove API Settings that includes details of how this feature works

ProcessOutboundQueue - Processes the Outbound Queue for integration with other systems. Refer to the Outbound Transaction Queue of how this feature works

SmartReaderHeartbeatMonitor - Manages the heartbeat events from the SRC and updates the Smart Reader Client Page.

DelayedInventoryMove - Executes delayed IMOVE logic based on rules setup in Delayed Inventory Move Rules

OrderValidation - Used to group together logical events and matching against a customer supplied Order Reference Number.

LogicalEventPurge - Purges data from tables associated with the Event Binding RFDDTAG that is used to group together read events spread over multiple read cycles into a logical group as a shipment of tagged material on truck leaves a yard via a TagNet managed Portal.

ConstantReadZoneMonitor - Manages .

PurgeImoveEvents - Purges data from related tables when the EF is managing Inventory Movement rules.


Job Type

The Job Type (e.g. Continuous or AdHoc).  Continuous is used for a production implementation. The 'AdHoc' feature is meant for controlled testing whereas a one time invocation of the schedule can be triggered by submitting this URL http://localhost/ef/api/trigger-jobs as a POST. This can be done via POSTMAN or other API utility (but not via a browser).


Run Limit (Seconds)

The dwell time before the job wakes up again and performs is duties (e.g. 2 min in between heartbeats)



Checkbox indicates whether Job is enabled



Clicking this button will create the Job Schedule




Postman example calling AdHoc Trigger endpoint (localhost/ef/api/trigger-jobs)





Postman example where API successful but no data was extracted (check extract filters)



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